Demelza Charity Auction

Most of us will very luckily never experience the heartache that comes when you are told your child has a terminal illness.

For some people though this is exactly what they will experience and this is when they need to reach out for help from organisations such as Demelza.

Demelza Charity Auction

Let us tell you a little bit about Demelza - they provide specialist care and emotional support for babies, children and young people and the whole family from diagnosis, day to day care, times of crisis, end of life and bereavement.

This all sounds very gloomy, however, the team at Demelza are determined that each child and their families should have the most fun and fulfilling life - making memories like every other person.

This, of course, requires money and we are so excited to share with you how we were able to help this amazing charity. Last Friday, there was a Charity Lunch at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London - a fun and glamorous affair albeit scattered with more than a few tears as we heard directly from bereaved families how they had so appreciated everything Demelza had done for them.

As a mother of 3 children, our founder Linda immediately decided that we needed to add to these well deserving coffers and offered a styling session plus a choice of 3 dresses as part of the Charity auction.

To our delight here at TDC HQ this auction prize reached a staggering £2000! But we're not finished there...another generous lady had also wanted a styling session so immediately we said 'ok - let's offer two then!' the charity now has £4000 of very much deserved and needed funds.

The dress Linda wore on the day is a new design and is about to be released for sale by us.

Demelza Charity Auction


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